Dart to transport nurses to home-based patients

The Ministry of Health (MoH) has engaged Dart Logistics to transport nursing and healthcare professionals to home-based patients. Dart's year long contract will see the...


From dive club to industry leader: the story behind Poni Group

When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in Brunei in March, Brunei's diving and watersports leader, the Poni Group, were positioning themselves for a breakthrough year. After...

Guerrilla Artchitects overturning perceptions of street art

In most artistic descriptions, graffiti is defined by its illegality - art that's done without permission on walls and other surfaces within public view....


Seminar on using social media to target Japanese markets

The ASEAN-Japan Centre will be organising a seminar for Brunei businesses and influencers on targeting Japanese markets through social media on March 12 at...


Behind the revival of Trandie, Temburong’s longest running eco-lodge

Built by pionnering architect Dato Idris in the 1990s, Trandie was once a languishing lodge at the edge of Batang Duri. This is how his daughter and kindergarten teacher brought the place back to life.

Is this longhouse the answer to Belait’s tourism?

It might be the heart of the Sultanate's economy – but it’s no secret that Belait has struggled to lure international visitors outside the...


Si Manja Pet Grooming Spa opens Sengkurong branch

Brunei's first dedicated pet grooming spa and boutique Si Manja has recently opened their second branch in Sengkurong and introduced a new suite of...