Kontena Park invites local F&B for new cycle

Darussalam Enterprise's (DARe) food and beverage (F&B) facility Kontena Park is inviting local entrepreneurs in the sector to apply for tenancy from April 2022...


Brunei businesses invited to apply for ASEAN Inclusive Business award

Brunei businesses who have helped resolve the problems faced by the underprivileged are invited to apply for the ASEAN Inclusive Business (IB) Award. The...


Youth workshop turns to door-to-door services to stay afloat during pandemic

In times of crisis, necessity is the mother of invention. For the vast majority, the COVID-19 pandemic has lasted a lot longer than first...

Cosmetics to BSP contracts: the sisters behind Khayla Zalzi

All information for this story, including images, interviews and video recordings were sourced in June 2021. In an unassuming industrial site in Belait lies...


Beat the crowds at the Gadong night market with pasarpbg.com

The Pasar Pelbagai Barangan Gadong (PPBG) - better known as Pasar Gadong or Gadong night market - is an enduringly popular option for its...


The ant and the grasshopper: BCP made simple

There are many instances in life, and in entrepreneurship, where proactivity pays off. In Aesop's fable on preparation, the ant toils to carry grains...


Behind the revival of Trandie, Temburong’s longest running eco-lodge

Built by pionnering architect Dato Idris in the 1990s, Trandie was once a languishing lodge at the edge of Batang Duri. This is how his daughter and kindergarten teacher brought the place back to life.

Is this longhouse the answer to Belait’s tourism?

It might be the heart of the Sultanate's economy – but it’s no secret that Belait has struggled to lure international visitors outside the...