The ONLY 3 Ways To Grow A Business

Still sifting through the pile of information on improving your business? Here’s the bottom line you shouldn’t forget

If you are struggling to make money out of your business and you can’t figure out what’s wrong… here are the 3 ways for you to look at to grow your business.

This does not come from me. Instead, it’s coming from the Marketing Legend Jay Abraham itself, the world’s most expensive business consultant.

To be honest, every time I do consulting work with clients or do some marketing analysis, these 3 things are the only things I will look at.

Let me go through it with you with examples.

#1 Get more clients

This is the most obvious.

If you need more money in your business, you gotta get new clients.

How can you do this?

Advertise your business.

That’s it.

There are many ways to advertise, you have online media and offline media.

Make sure you advertise at where you can reach your best prospect.

If you are selling to millennials, that means you gotta go on Instagram and do an Instagram ads to reach them.

You also gotta use marketing message that relates to these millennials.

Learn and use all the cool words for your marketing message.

Keep advertising because… nobody wake up and do a Google search on your business.

They really don’t care.

That’s why you have to show up everyday and advertise your business.

#2 Get your clients to buy more

Most businesses stops at #1.

Getting more client.

To tell you the truth, getting more new clients are not the easiest thing to do.

What you want to do next is to get all these new customers, to buy more from you.

Instead of just buying one product, get them to buy your other products or services.

For example, if you do car wash.

You might want to offer a more premium package like to add on spray wax or a super detailing work on their car for their next wash.

The idea is, to get them to spend more on you.

Think about creating ‘packages’.

#3 Keep your clients longer

Next, you want to build a list of a loyal clients.

You want to keep your clients to stick with you, if possible, for a lifetime.

One main reason why is because it is easier to sell to someone who had already bought from you.

How can you keep your clients longer?

Do some kind of a special membership program.

Give your members or past clients a special discount.

Send them an email or a WA message that you have a special offer for them this month.

Well, it’s your turn now.

After reading this article, think about your business.

Get a blank piece of paper, and divide it into 3.

Write down the things that you can do to your business within the 3 ways I had mentioned above.

And next thing, it’s time to implement what you had just planned out.

If you have questions or any other comments, feel free to say something in the comment box below.

I hope you find this useful and Good Luck!

Dean Green is a former business lecturer turn full-time direct response copywriter and marketing consultant. To learn more about Dean’s programmes visit, email or contact +673-8673294 to get in touch.