QR Menu enables eateries to digitise menu and ordering

QR Menu enables customers to view and order from eateries online through scanning QR codes or website links

QR Menu by Sage Bn

Local IT startup Sage Bn has launched QR Menu – a digital menu and ordering system that enables customers to view and order from eateries through their mobile phones.

Eateries signing onto QR Menu will receive a QR code and website link for their digital menu which they can share with customers. The digital menu also offers eateries the option of allowing customers to place orders online, which owners will receive mobile notifications through an online dashboard.

Co-founder of Sage Bn Ryan Wong said more than 20 eateries have been onboarded since their launch in December 2020, and is part of their wider QR Care service, which includes a free QR generation website for name cards, WhatsApp and other links.

QR Menu is free for up to five menu categories – which can list up to 20 items in each category – and allows for up to 5,000 scans per month. The ordering capability requires a monthly subscription between $49 to $99, which also provides more allowance for menu categories and items.

The appearance and functionality of the QR Menu is standardized, with eateries customising their menu through uploaded images and descriptions.

Wong said QR Menu will help restaurants streamline their ordering system and reduce the burden of frontline staff bringing menus and taking orders.

“Although we designed it for (dine in) restaurants, it certainly can be used for takeaway, online, or home-based businesses as well,” said Wong.

“These businesses can also digitalise their menu, and then share the QR code or weblink of their menu to customers, and their customers can browse and order.”

Wong is also mulling adding online payment to the QR Menu system in the future if their uptake increases.