CEAI looks to help Brunei businesses integrate AI

CEAI to provide training to local organisations looking to learn how to design and implement AI solutions into their operations

CEAI Brunei
CEAI @ Brunei Country Programme Director Mukhriz (2nd L), Deputy High Commissioner of Singapore to Brunei Shaun Philip Grosse (3rd L) and Al-Huffaz founder Hj Loqman (2nd R) at the CEAI AI awareness seminar hosted at DARe.

Singapore tech company MyFinB’s Centre for AI Innovation (CEAI) has set up in Brunei to help local businesses integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their operations through training and consultancy programmes.

CEAI @ Brunei Country Programme Director Mukhriz Mangsor said their main product would be the Certification in Applied AI (CAAI), a three-month programme aimed to help organisations create and deploy their own “roboadvisors” that utilise AI to automate certain processes and provide predictive and prescriptive capabilities.

“What makes CEAI and CAAI unique is that it doesn’t require you to have a prior technology, coding or programming background to join,” he said on the sidelines of an AI seminar they held at the Design and Technology building on February 19.

He explained that through CAAI, organisations will be able to design their own AI solutions to their identified problem or opportunity areas. Brunei’s leading Al-Quran teaching service, Al-Huffaz Management, is a participant of CAAI and signed a MoU to become a CEAI partner in Brunei.

Online education provider Mavensdotlive has also signed on as a CEAI partner, which gives both businesses access to CEAI’s global network, progamme content, and campaigns.

CEAI @ Brunei Country Programme Director Mukhriz (L) signing a MoU with Al-Huffaz founder Hj Loqman for Al-Huffaz to be a CEAI partner.

Al-Huffaz’s founder Hj Loqman said that he will be deploying AI to personalise learning protocols for his students, who are typically taught by their pool of educators in-person at the students’ residences.

“With AI we will be able to profile the students better; to understand where their learning gaps are and how we can address them more effectively,” he said.

Mukhriz said CAAI can also be undertaken by non-commercial entities, including government agencies and non-governmental organisations.

“The programme is affordable and will help organisations understand how to use AI in their operations to increase overall productivity, ensuring that they do not get left behind in this fourth industrial revolution,” he added.

He shared an example of a MyFinB’s zakat (Islamic almsgiving) project in Malaysia where AI was used to understand the recipients’ financial status and needs, in order to make recommendations that would sustainably address their employability and debts.

MyFinB set up CEAI to support the development of AI-based solutions aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.