Are you generating your own income?

The government will match a monthly contribution of $17.50 for the self-employed and offer survivorship benefits through SCP

If you are neither an employer or an employee of the government, company or other organization but are still generating your own income – then you may want to consider Tabung Amanah Perkerja (TAP) Supplementary Contributory Pension’s (SCP) scheme for the Self-Employed (SE) as a retirement fund.

TAP, through the Brunei government, will match an amount $17.50 of your own SCP account each month if you contribute $17.50 from your own income.

SCP, a form of social security for the public, ensures that you receive a monthly payout for 20 years after you reach the age of 60.

Signing up for SCP also carries a survivorship benefit, so in the event that you pass away before the age of 60, your dependents (widow and children below 21) will receive support through a monthly payout of $400 a month for up to 15 years, in addition to receiving the amount of SCP you’ve paid across your lifetime.

To be eligible for SCP SE you have to be a Brunei citizen or permanent resident between the age of 18 to 60, and are generating an income from a service or product that you’re providing – but you’re neither an employee or an employer and are not receiving pension.

This means if you run and own own business – without any employees – you qualify as self-employed.

Examples of the self-employed are farmers, fishermen, online sellers, business from home or even students engaging in buying and selling goods and services.

To register for SCP SE, download the application form by clicking this or by selecting the resources tab on their website, followed by clicking forms.

You can bring the form to TAP’s headquarters on the ground floor of the PGGMB building in the capital, or to their dedicated branches in Tutong, Temburong and Belait.

To learn more about this scheme, you may contact 2382800 or email