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MoRA amends Halal Permit prices; introduces exemptions

The Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) have reduced prices for the Halal Permit required by micro and small businesses producing food and beverage (F&B)...

Brunei’s Halal industry generates $88 million in 2016

Brunei's local Halal industry raked in $88 million in revenue and employed 835 people in 2016 according to data reported by 35 companies, the...

Dialogue on changes to Halal certification: what’s the bottom line?

The Halal Certificate and Halal Label Order - which covers the legal framework for Halal certification in Brunei - was recently amended earlier in...

Changes to Halal certification to apply to all businesses

All businesses in Brunei producing, supplying and serving food and beverages are now required to apply for Halal certification, according to the recent amendment to the...

How to get your products or business Halal certified

Are you looking to get Halal certification for your eatery and products but wondering what exactly is required, how much it would cost or...