BICPA offering free financial clinic for local cooperatives

Clinic to be held Saturdays from 9am to 12pm in Kiulap

The Brunei Darussalam Institute of Certified Public Accountants (BICPA) will be hosting financial clinics for local cooperatives every Saturday to provide guidance and assessment that can improve cooperative operations.

The financial clinic, a collaboration between BICPA and the Cottage Industry and Cooperatives Division (CIC) of the Energy and Industry Department at the Prime Minister’s Office (EIDPMO), will run from 9am to 12pm at BICPA’s office Kiulap.

Cooperatives were first told of the clinic at a dialogue (pictured) earlier this week with EIDPMO at the Design and Technology building in Anggerek Desa.

Included in the clinic are free general health assessments for the cooperatives as well as guidance on good financial record keeping. These are designed to help cooperatives improve their financial health and to increase their knowledge in assessing, designing, and controlling financial affairs systematically and prudently.

Interested cooperatives are invited to make an appointment with BICPA by contacting CIC through their e-mail info.koperasi@jpm.gov.bn or by calling +673 2383011 / +673 2384488 ext. 1443/1174.

BICPA was established in May 1987 as a a non-profit organization, managed and run through the voluntary service of accountants of Brunei.

BICPA is located at Unit 1, 1st Floor, Block A, Regent Square, Simpang 150, Kiulap, Bandar Seri Begawan