Taurean bakeshop rolls out cookies for Chinese New Year

The $18 gift packages (C) contains two cookie containers which come in a red box (R) and gift bag. Hampers start at $38 (L) for four containers.

Taurean bakeshop are packaging 22 types of locally made cookies into more than 14 new hampers and boxes for the upcoming Chinese New Year festivities from $18 up to $188.   

The handmade, halal-certified cookies begin at $18 for two 110 to 130 gramme containers of the customer’s choice of chocolate chip, cocoa butter, oatmeal, nutty or butter cookies as well as six different types of oatmeal pairings; cranberry, cashew nuts, coffee, almond, dark chocolate, milk chocolate.

The package comes standard in a red gift box and bag along with a greeting card. For $25, customers can have the same package with upsized containers holding 160 to 190g of cookies. Biscotti options, a crisp, more rectangular Italian-styled biscuit are also available.

Hampers with handwoven baskets start at $38 for four cookie containers, $55 for five containers, and for all hampers above $100, a jar of roasted almods, cashew nuts, pistachio, walnuts and dried cranberries is also included.

The largest hamper of $188 has fifteen containers with over two and a half kilogrammes of cookies. The self-starting businesswoman behind Taurean Tsang Poh Yee, said they developed their cookie line when they started their bakery three years ago as a healthier alternative.

“Initially I baked cookies for my daughter – and since she’s allergic to eggs the recipes don’t contain any,” said Poh Yee. “We’ve also kept the product free of preservatives – but it still has a shelf life of nine months. We’re also working on getting more certifications and labeling to help market them further.”

Taurean Bakeshop is open from 7am to 9pm daily and is located at Unit 11, Bangunan Majid Mohd, Jalan Pasar Baharu, Gadong (behind the Arch). Contact +6732456388 to get in touch directly.