TeamBru targets cleaning 15,000 households with 1,000 Bruneians

Empire Solution launches domestic cleaning service beginning at $50 monthly – inclusive of housekeeping, laundry and car wash

Local company Empire Solution (ESSB) has recently rolled out a domestic manpower service called TeamBru, which targets to clean 15,000 households with 1,029 Bruneians for as low as $50 a month.

Business Development Manager for ESSB Md Syazwan Salehuddin said that TeamBru is ambitiously targeting to be the nation’s number one housekeeping and landscaping service by using a model that trains Bruneians and provides them with the tools and clients to service.

With a starting price $50 monthly*, TeamBru will commit to deploying a team once a week to clean the floor, carpet, window, toilet, and drain of a house, along with vacuuming, dust removal, dishwashing, laundry and a car wash. The landscaping package, which comes separate, starts at $30*, entitling customers to cutting and trimming of grass, trees, and flowers (as well as sweeping) twice a month.

The larger the area or house, the higher the price – but TeamBru’s prices are on paper, very competitive to the current domestic cleaning market. According to the last census in 2011, there are close to 70,000 households in Brunei, which puts TeamBru’s target at over 20 percent of the market.

“Right now we have 100 households that have come on board with our services with 600 more expressing interest,” said Managing Director and CEO of ESSB, Sahrulnizam Ismail. “That has equated to 17 locals under us to cater to that with 16 more servicing our contract with the Brunei Methanol Company,”

Similar to a monthly phone contract, Md Syazwan Salehuddin explained that households needed to sign up for at least six months of service enjoy the offered rates. The subscription basis is also partially why TeamBru is able to price itself very competitively.

TeamBru is a major component of Empire Solution’s diversification strategy in the economic downturn. They were set up two years ago to cater primarily to the oil and gas and corporate market.

The wholly Bumiputera-owned company says it will hire the Bruneians for TeamBru for a year where they will be provided with the tools and training.

After, they are promoted to “entrepreneurs” said Acting Sales and Marketing Officer Mazfizah Latiff, where they will be given the freedom to decide the maximum clients they will take on and manage their own schedules, with equipment and transportation provided by Empire Solution.

“The more efficient they are, the more houses that they can cover, the more money that they can earn,” added Syazwan.

The CEO (pictured below centre R) added that their vision is to create employment opportunities for honest, hardworking locals and eventually bring ESSB to the global stage, on par with international companies.

*Rates are subject to the scope of work for each household; ESSB will meet with potential customers to assess and give a quote. Empire Solution is located at Unit 2&3 Ground Floor, Unit 3&4 First Floor, Jerudong Centre, Jln Jerudong, Brunei Darussalam BG3122.

Visit or follow @empiresolutionbrunei on Facebook, @empiresolutionbn on Instagram to learn more or call +6738727959/+6732612959 to get in touch directly.