S.Naaz inviting local producers for Bruneian products store

S.Naaz holding briefing for its upcoming Brunei Local Products and Souvenirs Centre

S.Naaz Sdn Bhd are planning to open an all Bruneian retail store and are inviting local producers to attend a briefing at the Design and Technology building (D&T) on February 15 to seek out collaborative and supply opportunities.

The Brunei Local Products and Souvenirs Centre is targeted for opening next month at the former Citibank location in the capital, and are looking for local products that “showcase the Bruneian lifestyle and culture”.

According to the S.Naaz, the centre will be able to house products from about 60 to 80 companies; with a range of products such as packaged food, health and beauty, arts and culture, handicrafts and souvenir merchandise targeted.

To store is envisioned as a one-stop-shop for the products and services of micro, small and medium enterprises including those from village and mukim consultative councils (MPK/MPM).

During the on the day itself, the company will be briefing the SMEs regarding the project followed by a question and answer session, registration and submission of product(s) samples.

The briefing will be held at 2pm at the main auditorium of the D&T, located at the end of Simpang 32-37 in Kg Anggerek Desa. To inquire or to confirm your attendance contact +6738855469 or +6738712847