GroMinda gamifies internship with Plus-EXP

Detailed performance analytics allows companies to efficiently recruit and allows interns to earn badges and points

Local startup GroMinda Group has created Plus-EXP, an online platform that connects businesses and with people seeking internship opportunities with a twist: detailed performance analytics that companies can track, and personal profiles that interns can earn badges and points through.

At Plus-EXP’s launch yesterday at the Design and Technology building in Anggerek Desa, GroMinda’s founder Aiman Minorhadi said that organizations can already register through Plus-EXP’s website, while those seeking internship opportunities able to register and create their own profiles next week.

“We created Plus-EXP because we know that aside from your (academic) qualifications the most important factor in being able to secure a full-time job is the experience – and the skills you’ve gained from it,” said Aiman. “With Plus-EXP you’ll be able to gain experience, as well as level up and gain points from the internships that are facilitated by the platform.”

Users can sign up and use the platform at no cost. They’ll have a personal profile and be able to search, apply and message organizations. Once an internship is secured, users will have their performance measured and tracked, resulting later in points awarded and badges that represent specific skills.

“During the internship the company, through their own evaluation and through a set of questionnaires will be able to rate the intern, which will correspond to points awarded,” said Aiman. “If the intern has demonstrated specific skills, for example, the ability to use Photoshop, they’ll also be able to get a badge, which is also divided into different tiers; depending on their ability in that specific skill.”

Companies meanwhile, will be able to register and post internship vacancies for free, but accessing the wider capabilities of the system, including the ability to rate and track performance andcreate individual accounts for the interns’ supervisors, require an annual subscription, which begins at US $500.

“Another unique ability for companies with paid subscription will be the ability to search for intern profiles pro-actively and contact them directly, as opposed to the traditional model where you post a vacancy or opportunity and wait for applications,” said Aiman. “All the processes are streamlined and very easy to use, which will allow companies to recuit and manage internships with more efficiency.”

Plus-EXP is an upgrade from GroMinda’s first prototype Tag-A-Field, with the performance analytics and gamification of the intern’s profile the most significant differences.

Aiman also shared that five established companies and five higher learning institutions are in the process of registering to the platform. Like other tech startups whose business model is to connect and match, Plus-EXP’s success will largely depend on their ability to get organizations to sign up, which ultimately results in more internship opportunities and subsequently increases the number of points and badges awarded.

Attending yesterday’s launch was Darussalam Enterprise CEO Javed Ahmad along with other corporate senior executives.

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