Team Sigma represents Brunei in first ASEAN League of Legends tournament

Brunei's top LoL team will be going for gold in Singapore at Hyperplay next weekend

Team Sigma will be representing Brunei in the first official ASEAN League of Legends (LoL) tournament organised by Riot Games and MTV at Hyperplay in Singapore’s Indoor Stadium next weekend.

A combination of the top two LoL teams in Brunei, Team Sigma is made up of players from Paradox and Sigma who won the Brunei qualifiers for Hyperplay last June, and will be competing against nine different countries for recognition to be ASEAN’s best LoL team with prizes including premium computers and cash.

LoL, often cited at the most-played video game in the world, is a multiplayer online PC game that combines real-time strategy and role-playing elements across a virtual battlefield.

Sigma team captain James Chua Peng Tian said Hyperplay would be the biggest e-sports tournament they’ve competed in, having recently gained experienced abroad in Kuala Lumpur at the MSI Tournament.

“We’re going for gold,” said James, who is accompanied by team members Shahredzwan, Azim, Yee, and Yusri. “We practice three to six hours a day after we are done with our studies, and we have been playing together as a team for the past few months. We’ve also incorporated physical exercise as it has a positive impact on reaction times and reflexes.”

Founder of e-sports event management company Game On Amar Agus Din, who organized the Hyperplay qualifiers said that Brunei fielding a team represents an early, but significant milestone for Brunei e-Sports.

“With Hyperplay beign organized by the Riot Games – who are the creators of LoL, it is a serious opportunity to Brunei gaming on the map,” said Amar before the team’s departure to Singapore earlier this morning. “e-Sports is a billion-dollar industry and we want to tap into it and make e-sports, and by extension e-athletics, as a viable alternative career for the youth.”

Co-founder of Sigma Cyberspace Winston Ang, the team’s sponsor and a cybercafe located in Sengkurong, added that he hoped a positive performance at Hyperplay would help push Brunei’s e-Sports scene further.

“We are actually proud to have one team that is dedicated to a single game that is able to commit their time, to have discipline in their training,” said Ang. “The more competitive teams there are in Brunei, the higher our competitive edge in the international scene. Amar and I also hope to host more gaming events in the future so that we can show that the level of our competitiveness is the same as other countries.”

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