DARe invites local brands to sell at Bruneian Made Hub

Located at upcoming lifestyle mall The One, the new hub provides vendors with affordable rental while offering the public a one-stop space to discover local brands

Proposed store design for DARe's Bruneian Made Hub located at The One.

Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) is inviting local brands to sell at their upcoming retail store called the Bruneian Made Hub located at lifestyle shopping mall The One.

The Bruneian Made Hub is being targeted to open in September this year alongside other tenants within the newly developed The One located at Batu Satu in the capital.

The Bruneian Made Hub is envisioned as providing an affordable, strategically located space for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to sell their products while offering a one-stop store for residents and tourists to discover local brands.

DARe has planned for the open-styled concept store to feature different products sections housing local brands, including health and beauty, apparel, food and beverage, and souvenirs.

Businesses with locally developed brands are invited to apply; including those whose products are either manufactured, designed or conceptualised locally.

Only a monthly rental fee for displaying products will be charged to businesses; ranging $50 to $140 depending on the product category.

The fee entitles businesses to their own dedicated shelf or rack space which can display multiple different products (SKUs) in the same category. Businesses will keep 100% of their sales.

Rental options are further divided into standard and premium packages, with the latter receiving more prominent shelf placement and increased advertising.

There is also an event space within the hub to accommodate product launches, workshops, and other activities.

The Bruneian Made Hub is the latest extension of DARe’s Bruneian Made initiative, which was launched five years ago to help local brands gain greater market access and awareness.

The Bruneian Made initiative currently operates through a dedicated supermarket shelf – offering discounted rates to MSMEs – located in 12 retail outlets nationwide, including branches of Hua Ho and Supasave.

More premium local products are also showcased through the Bruneian Made Finest display shelves, which are strategically positioned at visitor touchpoints including the Brunei International Airport, The Empire, and Yayasan Shopping Complex.

Businesses interested in applying for the Bruneian Made Hub can download the application form online and email to bruneianmade@dare.gov.bn. Rental rates are disclosed within the form.

DARe is also requesting for proposals to be the Bruneian Made Hub store operator. More information on the requirements can be accessed at dare.gov.bn/tender.

Inquiries for both can be directed to the same email or +6732384830. Submissions are open until July 4, 2022.