Discover How To Increase Sales and Get More Clients using FB Ads

Learn how to get the most out of social media ads from local marketing guru this Saturday at UBD Core

If you are a business owner who with sales, need more clients to keep your business running, then read on, because I believe I can help you.

My name is Dean Green. I am a Marketing Consultant for Fitness Professionals. I specialise in Email Marketing and Facebook Ads and had been using it for 5 years with great results.

One of it was how I helped my client turn her 4 figure business into a 5 figure business in just… 3 months!

I am going to conduct a workshop on “Marketing Masterclass” where you some of the things you will learn are:

  • How to identify your best clients who are ready to spend their hard-earned money on you
  • How to reach your ideal clients in the lowest possible cost possible (You don’t have to spend thousands in advertising to make thousands of dollars back!)
  • How to design your ‘Profitable Sales Funnel’ to make it easier for you to sell to your audience
  • How to create an Irresistible Offer that’s hard for your clients to refuse
  • How to create a killer sales message in your advertisement that will make your customer can’t sleep at night until they buy your products or services
  • How to apply what you learn from this workshop into your business and get results right away!

Not only you will learn these tuff that are going to help you get more sales and new clients, you are going to get FREE Bonuses.

One of it is 30 minutes consultation where will solve your specific marketing situation and how to implement the stuff from the training.

The training will be this Saturday, 12th August 2017.

There are only 10 seats available though.

The reason why is because of the venue and I want to give personal attention to each one of the attendees including you.

If you would like to increase your sales and get more clients, check out this link if you want to know more details:

The workshop costs $100 to attend. Contact Dean Green at or +6738673294 to learn more.