PPK Entrepreneurship Centre open for business!

More than 15 businesses make the jump from home to storefront

The Centre for Capacity Building (PPK) in Lambak Kanan, recently opened in September, is best known for offering technical training for locals looking to upskill themselves and gain employment in the private industry.

But its latest addition – an Entrepreneurship Centre – is now open, not only to PPK students but to the public as well, with more than 15 micro, home-based businesses moving in, hoping to take a crack at running their first storefront.

The Entrepreneurship Centre can currently house up to 15 food & beverage vendors, five for general retail as well as a car wash. We take you through a rundown of who’s already set up shop.

Chef Salleh

Freshly baked, handmade cookies by Chef Salleh, a teacher of pastry and confectionery at the Youth Development Centre and his wife Lenna Norsusilanita. Muhd Nur Sallehuddin began his journey on foot, walking around the capital for Bandarku Ceria. Cookies are priced at $4 for 100g, and they’ve recently added pizza ($1.20 a slice) and churros (five for a $1) to the menu. Follow @chefsalleh.bn to learn more or ready his backstory here.

Keropok Lekor Astana

Buy it freshly fried or frozen, Keropok Lekor is a popular Malay dish that’s some sort of a hybrid between a sausage and crackers. A 500-gramme pack frozen typically costs $6.50, while a bag of freshly cooked, serving one, costs a dollar. You can find them on Instagram @astana.foods_bn.

Little Gourmet

As their name implies, Little Gourmet, originally from Jerudong, serves up tasty little treats, both sweet and savoury alike in a convenient tray that’s perfect for sharing amongst friends, family or your office. Each tray can be customized to the customer’s liking, but a standard tray of 15 bites (pictured above) costs $6 and includes cinnamon rolls, sausage buns, fruit tarts and burgers. Get in touch by following @littlegourmet on Instagram.

Wings & Drumettes

Wings are priced at $4.50 for six cuts, and up to $35 for a tray of 50 cuts.

A business started by two friends Muizira and Norhakimah four years ago, Wings & Drumettes serves up wings in a variety of flavours including Hot, BBQ, Sweet & Spicy, Sweet and Pepper Cream – which can be ordered with sides of garlic rice (50 cents) or fries, coleslaw and indomee for just $1. They also carry other western-styled Brunei favourites; BBQ lamb shoulders and lamb sandwiches. Check out their full menu @wings_and_drumettes on Instagram.

Majestic Wings

Another eatery specializing in wings, the Majestic signature are wings that are air fried and come in four flavours: BBQ, Sweet Chilli Mustard, Peri-Peri and Hot & Spicy. Six cuts, with rice and a drink, are $5.90 and $6.50 for the same combo but with fries instead of rice. To learn more follow @majesticwings_bn on Instagram.

Uncle J’s Grill & Sandwiches

Started by Azizi Fakhri Noor Azalie as a side project during his days at Universiti Brunei Darussalam, Uncle J’s Grill and Sandwiches offers thick, handmade patties grilled without any oil or butter, beginning at $4 and going up to $8.50. Pictured is the double cheese which is $7.50. Check out his latest creations at @unclejs.grill on Instagram and read his backstory here.

MJ Kitchen

MJ Kitchen serves up a number of local and western dishes, but easily their most popular is their soto, which is just $1 for a decent sized bowl (pictured above), and $2 for a larger bowl. Favourites also include ABC, which is $1 for a tall cup. Follow @mj_kitchen.bn on Instagram to learn more.

California Chilli Beef

A jumbo-sized sausage wedged into a bun spread with mayonnaise, then smothered with hearty chunks of beef grilled with onions, and topped with two slices of cheese for $4.80. Perayaan’s favourite most outrageous hot dog has now found a permanent home. Read how they first started here and follow @californiachillibeef on Instagram for the latest updates.

The Banana Leaf Restaurant & Catering Services

More known for offering catering services around the country, the Banana Leaf began from Rimba’s National Housing Scheme in 2015 offering affordable local cuisine. Amongst their most popular are mee rebus – fat egg noodles served in a thickly curried sauce. Follow Banana Leaf Catering Services on Facebook to learn more.

Rezqie Kitchen

Have Nasi Lemak served up in Rezique’s Old School style – with the pandan, coconut infused fragrant rice, peanuts, anchovies, and boiled egg served with your choice of fried chicken, beef, sotong (squid) sambal or shellfish (kerang) in tomato sauce. Originally from Belait, husband-wife duo Alif Jaafar and Alen Musa are hoping to make Rezique a Bandar favourite. Follow @rezqiekitchen on Instagram to learn more.


Hot dogs, thick-cut fries and tacos sum up the menu of SnackOut.co. Both hot dogs and thick-cut fries can be topped with mushrooms sauteed with onions and black pepper (pictured above), or a chilli con carne styled sauce with beans, tomato and minced meat. Follow @snackout.co on Instagram to find out more.

Burger Boboi and Bros Station

For those looking for economy rice or nasi campur – Burger Boboi satisfies. With a rotating menu daily, yesterday (pictured above L) served up a good portion of buttermilk chicken and sayur lemak with sambal and white rice for just $1.50. You can also get burgers from $2 and drinks like milo ping.

Ash Syiifaa

Natural cosmetics and beauty products that are made in Brunei, Ash Syiifa is the labour of Hjh Suriani Hj Mohd Shuani, who began her business after finding natural remedies that were able to relieve her daughter’s eczema. You can get their soap, balms, creams and perfume for $10 to $30. Follow @ashsyiifaa to learn more about their range.

RRUHI Enterprise

Locally designed headscarves and modest clothing for women, RRUHI has just moved in to PPK. Look for more designs and collections to be added to their racks shortly.

PPK’s Entrepreneurship Centre opens from 8am to 9pm daily and is located in the compound of the former Pengiran Anak Puteri Hajah Masna Secondary School in Lambak. We will continuously update this page with more PPK vendors as they move in. To get in touch with PPK directly, contact their hotline at +6738324488