Municipal Department opens up Eco-Corridor for retail space

Tender to develop retail space at the 12 hectare park now open

The Municipal Department is inviting contractors and vendor operators to develop retail spaces within the Taman Mahkota Jubli Emas also known as the Eco-Corridor.

About 12 or more kiosks are targeted within four areas of the 12 hectare park located in the capital, opening up opportunities for micro, small and medium entrepreneurs to sell.

The Bandar Seri Begawan Municipal Department in a briefing for potential operators said the tender would cover the construction, maintenance, and operation of “high-end” kiosks at the Eco-Corridor.

In laying out the guidelines, Deputy Chairman of the Municipal Board Dr Hjh Mas Suriaiawati said the retail spaces should in line with the design and look of the park, and include a variety of businesses, such as a souvenir kiosk and different food and beverage.

The tender also includes setting the rental rate, maintaining the cleanliness of the assigned kiosk spaces within the park.

“Businesses who want to sell in the Eco-Corridor have to engage with the successful operator (for the tender),” said Dr Hjh Mas Suriaiwati. “They can also band together and the pool their resources for the (operator) tender,” said Dr Hjh Mas Suriaiwati.

The tender application can be obtained at the Fifth Floor of the Municipal Department but interested applicants must first pay for the application forms at the 3rd Floor Customer Service Counter at the Municipal Department before they can be given the e-form.

The closing date for the tender application is February 27, 2018  by 2pm.

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