Lunch & Bunch delivering wholesome meals to your doorstep

The meal prep company is providing healthy convenience with free delivery

If you’re looking for lunch made fresh with wholesome ingredients – with no added sugar, oil or salt – Lunch & Bunch’s weekly menu is looking to provide a healthy convenience with meals as low as $5.

The food delivery company, which recently expanded to the Youth Centre’s Shared Kitchen, guarantees your meal made fresh in the morning and sent to your doorstep by 12pm – with no delivery fee.

Each week’s lunch menu from Monday to Friday is posted on their Instagram the Saturday beforehand, with customers required to make orders by 6pm the day before delivery.

Baked salmon with sweet potato mash, whole grain rice, mushrooms and lemon garlic sauce. Each meal ranges from $5 to $9. Delivery to Tutong and Belait is $5 if less than five meals are ordered.

“The meals and menu are always rotating – so no two days or weeks are the same,” said Aoki Lee, who owns and manages Lunch & Bunch with her aunt and three local staff.

“We experiment with different themed cuisines from Korean to Italian but in whatever dish that we create, we’re trying to use the most wholesome ingredients possible (i.e.): wholegrain rice instead of white rice, sweet potato for mash, and when cooking we’re mostly steaming, pan-frying, air-frying or baking instead of deep-frying.”

Vegetarian options are available, along with special requests to cater to individual medical needs or cultural preferences.

Aoki Lee was one of the earliest to start doing healthy meal deliveries in Brunei when she started Lunch & Bunch from home in 2015 after job hunting for several months after graduating.

Inspired by lunchbox delivery companies while studying in Korea and having taken up healthy cooking for her mother who required kidney dialysis, Lee decided to combine both experiences to begin her own business.

“Right now we are preparing between 20 to 40 meals a day,” she said. “Aside from expanding our delivery service, we’re venturing into catering, creating custom trays, and hopefully introduce our food trailer concept as well to provide more healthy meals on the go.”