Petrofes to produce PPE made by Bruneians to BSP

Petrofes to produce fire retardant PPE including coveralls, headscarves and balaclavas for BSP use and potentially other operators in future

Group photo to mark the supply agreement of PPE by Petrofes to BSP (from L to R): BSP Finance Director Van Velden, BSP In-Country Value Manager Hjh Rosita, BSP Head of HSE & Security Hj Osmera, BSP Managing Director and Shell Country Chair in Brunei Johnsgaard-Lewis, Managing Director of Petrofes Effendi and BSP Head of Supply Chain Management Hj Zulazrin. Photo: BSP

Local trading and retail company Petrofes have signed an agreement to produce fire retardant personal protective equipment (PPE) made by Bruneians for Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP).

The PPE produced includes coveralls, tudongs (headscarves) and balaclavas for BSP use and is targeted to increase the local value chain by supplying goods produced by Bruneians.

Petrofes also has the potential opportunity to supply the locally produce PPE to other operators in the oil and gas industry in the future, said BSP in a press statement yesterday to mark the new agreement.

BSP’s In-Country Value Manager Hjh Rosita Hj Hassan said the agreement was part of the company’s wider commitment to develop local companies and create employment opportunities for Bruneians.

“The Brunei Shell Joint Venture companies and their business partners are the biggest private sector group in the oil and gas industry in the country. The demand for PPE like coveralls is potentially high in this sector”, she said.

“I have asked a few major business partners, if they are willing to buy locally made coveralls, and so far, we have received a very encouraging response.

“What is important to these companies are that the products meet the required quality standards and are competitively priced,” she added.

Meanwhile the Managing Director of Petrofes Effendi Hj Said said that they are hoping to train more Bruneians to be able to produce PPE.

“As a new player in the industry, we are excited to become one of the robust local companies that help stimulate economic growth in the country through employing local to manufacture our coveralls, tudongs, and balaclavas,” he said.