Dart introduces shuttle service connecting Gadong and Kiulap

Customers can order rides for $2 from any of the 24 points offered; plans to expand to city centre in future

Dart Shuttle launch
At the official launch of Dart Shuttle on September 7 at 118 Residence: MTIC Permanent Secretary Hj Md Nazri (2nd L), Japan's Ambassador to Brunei Toru (3rd L), Imagine CEO Suzanna (4th R) and Dart's Acting GM Siti Nor Syaahidah (L).

Ride-hailing platform Dart Logistics has launched a new mobile application offering on-demand shuttle services for 24 different pick-up and drop-off locations around Kiulap, Gadong, and RIPAS Hospital at a rate of $2 per trip.

The Dart Shuttle app is currently serviced by Dart’s leased fleet of four Nissan Urvans, each of which can transport up to six passengers. Eight drivers, working on shifts, enable the shuttle service to operate every day from 11am to 7pm.

Each vehicle – allocated solely for shuttle services – is capable of fulfilling 190 rides per day, with Dart deploying an artificial intelligence system to manage ride requests and routing for their drivers.

Dart has said that their service may also help offset the congestion in high-traffic areas by taking single-occupant cars off the roads and pooling them together into one vehicle.

“Dart Shuttle differs from a standard bus or shuttle service because it does not follow a standard route with a schedule,” explained Dart’s Acting General Manager Siti Nor Syaahidah Hj Sahron.

“For customers, our shuttle service operates just like regular ride-hailing – people open the app and place a request. The only difference will be that the customer has to be picked up and dropped off at any one of the 24 points, and may share their ride with other passengers, who may be also picked-up and dropped-off along the way.”

The shuttle service targets a maximum waiting time for users of 10 minutes – and aims to fulfill rides in under 15 minutes.

If vehicles are at full capacity, customers will be given an estimated pick up time instead. Advanced booking can also be made for up to 24 hours in advance.

The $2 per ride price point positions Dart Shuttle as a more affordable option to standard Dart fares which start at $5.

Dart is exploring multiple avenues to expand their shuttle service in accordance with market demand.

Their immediate plans are to increase the pool of drivers for the shuttle service, before considering adding more vehicles. Expanding locations, especially to the city centre, is also being considered.

Dart has set out a six month time frame to pilot their shuttle services before adding routes or vehicles, but this may be accelerated if there’s significant public demand.

Under their existing model, Dart Shuttle drivers do not need to utilise their own vehicle, unlike regular Dart drivers.

“Currently we are focusing on using Nissan Urvans (exclusively) which we provide the drivers; however if the (prospecting) drivers have this vehicle (personally) and they are willing to use it for the shuttle service we can also work out an arrangement (for additional profit sharing for the drivers),” added Siti Nor Syaahidah.

Dart Shuttle also has an extended custom service called ‘Park & Dart’ for organisations and groups, who require group transport from one location to another at specific times of day.

“Right now we have a company engaging us for this service, whereby we pick up staff from one location at the start of the working day (morning) and then drop them back off at the same location at the end of the working day,” added Siti Nor Syaahidah.

“This service is not done through the app but is a separate arrangement that we can accommodate and offer rates for.”

Dart collaborated with Spare Technology Solutions – a joint venture between Spare Labs and Mitsubishi with experience doing on-demand bus services in Japan – to develop their route and ride hailing management system.