Micro Business Bootcamp for youth now open!

Three week programme open to Bruneian youth between 18 to 30-yers-old who are running or looking to start a small business

Are you a youth running – or thinking – about starting a small business? The national body for micro, small and medium enterprises Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) is rolling out a new training programme for Bruneian youth running or looking to start a micro business – defined as enterprises with four employees or less.

The micro business bootcamp – open to Bruneians and permanent residents between 18 to 30-years-old –  will take participants through a rundown of what the fundamentals are in starting, running and growing a small business by business coaches.

There are no fees, however applicants will go through a round of shortlisting after attending a one-day ideation workshop, where their ideas will be pitched and assessed.

Once selected, the youth will undergo a two-week entrepreneurship course, to equip them with business know-how as well as a one-week physical bootcamp – designed to instill grit, determination and the ability to follow through.

After the three week period, businesses will be monitored for another six months by their business coaches, during which they will be guided to produce a comprehensive business plan which will allow them to strategically navigate their operations as well as open up opportunities for financing; through grants and loans.

To register, download the Micro Business Bootcamp form at dare.gov.bn/SitePages/bootcamp.aspx and email to microbusiness.bootcamp@dare.gov.bn

Closing date for applications is December 7, 2017. For more information, contact the email above or call +6732384830 (extension 251).