MixMediaWorx links up with Sribuza to offer marketing solutions

MMW offering special advertisement deals through online services marketplace Sribuza

Online services marketplace Sribuza has linked up with leading design and advertising company MixMediaWorx (MMW) to host affordable marketing solutions for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

MMW has rolled out two services on Sribuza’s website; digital advertising through a 30-second slot on their mixels positioned at 26 strategic locations in the Sultanate for $1,000 monthly and print advertising through a full colour page in the BHC magazine for $1,800 monthly.

Both prices represent discounted rates by MMW, offered exclusively through Sribuza’s website which houses over 40 different services for MSMEs, including product photography, graphic design and copywriting provided mostly by independent freelancers.

“We are very privileged to have MMW on our platform offering these services that can really help MSMEs market and gain exposure,” said Ak Akmal (pictured R main).

The mixel advertisement for a $1,000 adds up to 14 hours of display daily or 4,200 appearances a month, with the mixels located in prominent sites including the Brunei International Airport, Yayasan in the capital, and as far as Hua Ho in Tutong and Supa Save’s Seria branch.

Companies buying four (monthly) print advertisement slots in BHC – which has a nationwide circulation of 5,000 copies – will also get the rest of the year free, and be entitled to two-page editorials twice a year.

CEO of MMW Azlan Ahmad (pictured L main) said that offering their services on Sribuza opens up a new avenue for them to work with businesses – especially MSMEs and startups.

“We always look for strategic platforms to reach out to potential clients either locally or internationally,” said Azlan, who added that MMW is looking to offer more services on the platform in the future.

“Tapping onto Sribuza.com is one of the smart moves to achieve this. We hope with this involvement, we can at the same time support the SMEs and startups providing proper business exercise within our capabilities and expertise.”

Sribuza was set up in 2016 by Ak Akmal and his two youngers bothers Ak Fuad and Ak Iqbal to match the growing number of freelancers in the country with opportunities to provide services demanded by the wider public.

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