Late night cravings? Sahur Saturday looks to satisfy

More than 30 local F&B startups selling at Kontena Park on Saturdays this Ramadhan

Free on a late Saturday night – and looking to grab a bite? Big BWN Project is back with Sahur Saturday this Ramadhan, with over 30 unique F&B startups whipping up everything from burgers to ice cream at the Kontena Park in Anggerek Desa.

Hundreds turned up to the first Sahur Saturday held last weekend, and Big BWN founder Noorhafizah Hj Rashid says it’s the place to be to not only satisfy your late night cravings – but to discover the latest creative concoctions by young Bruneians.

“We started Sahur Saturday in 2015 to be an alternative to sahur buffets or restaurant takeaways,” said Noorhafizah, whose company regularly hosts differently themed pop-up sales events. “It’s similar to the Gerai Ramadhan, but the vendors are a little different – and it’s specifically for sahur (the pre-dawn meal before fasting begins) so it’s held at night.”

The event started off with just 10 vendors at the Kaleidoscope Studio in Kiulap, but with Big BWN given the reigns to manage Kontena Park, the event has since migrated to Anggerek Desa. It was also initially just one Saturday during Ramadhan, but this year has expanded to three – with the remaining two to be held on May 26 and June 2.

K’Treats honey mustard chicken rice (L) with Real Halo Halo’s namesake dessert.

The vendors at Sahur Saturday are mostly a mix of tenants from Kontena Park and home-based businesses who rely on pop-up events to generate sales and validate their creations; many who hope to own their own storefront one day.

Cousins Awanis Johari and Khairuna Ariffin both shared a booth last weekend; K’Treats served up chicken rice with a twist – either honey mustard or teriyaki – while Meshi Bowl sold bowls of rice with spicy tuna, salmon or lamb. 

“My father wanted me to study business but I wanted to do a trial first to see if I can manage running one,” said 24-year-old Khairuna. “So far, I really like it, it’s pretty rewarding when customers come and buy your products, especially until you sell out of everything.”

Sahur Saturday is held at Kontena Park and the adjoining multi-storey car park.

Real Halo Halo who sell the popular Filipino dessert it’s named after – a sweet mixture of yam, pudding, coconut, red beans topped with ice cream, milk and syrup – credited the event to help raise awareness of their business, which operates out of the Jerudong Park food court.

“The (crowd) seem to enjoy the dessert; we usually are able to sell over 300 cups in just a few hours,” said its co-founder Lina Tejada.

The owner of Wok It Out, a Kontena Park tenant who focuses on live stir-fries, said Sahur Saturday provided a welcome boost of weekend activity that he hopes would lead to returning customers during regular hours.

“I am really enjoying the atmosphere right now,” said 38-year-old Adi Dayadi (pictured below) at the event last weekend. “Even though we are usually open until 1.30am during Ramadhan, the event brings in more rezeki.

For more information follow @bigbwnproject on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates. Kontena Park is located within the Anggerek Desa Technology Park at the very end of Spg 32-37 in Kg Anggerek Desa from 9PM to 2AM.