A slice of the British life at Kensington

With 500 different products mostly imported from the UK, Kensington is unlike any other convenience store in Brunei-Muara

Nostalgic cravings or just curious to try something new? Kensington BN along Jalan Muara in Sungai Tilong draws an unusual following for a small convenience store that’s all about one distinct selling point – housing products almost exclusively from the UK.

The stock is a mix of household brands like Cadbury, Kellogs and Coke – but with variations few other stores in Brunei sell – alongside uniquely British brands Blackfriars, Seabrook and Jack Pots. Kensington’s managers say over 90 percent of the products, which range from packaged F&B to household products and toiletries, are imported from the United Kingdom.

However the business didn’t initially intend to grow into a convenience store.

“We actually started the business as Majestica with the intention to be a supplier for foreign consumers goods, especially those from the UK to retail stores in Brunei,” said Abdur Rahman, a former CFBT teacher. “Last year we were more of a stockist, and sold only about 70 to 80 items (to consumers), but the feedback (of selling directly) was great so we expanded to the over 500 different products we have today. We want to have a big spread of everyday items, things that are not easily obtained here, at realistic prices.”

With the UK a popular destination for education and leisure for Bruneians, Kensington has a loyal base of repeat customers, and there are arguably few convenience stories like it in the Sultanate – save for the much loved Naafi, about an hour’s drive away in Seria.

Their decision bring in doughnuts from American franchise Krispy Kreme has further spiked their popularity, and Abdur Rahman is continously searching for new feedback for what Kensington should stock.

Kensington is located at Unit 20, Simpang 440, Jalan Muara and opens daily from 9am to 6pm except for Fridays. For the latest updates check out @Kensington_bn on Facebook and Instagram.