Si Manja Pet Grooming Spa expands with cat boarding

Brunei's first dedicated pet spa has opened an additional unit in Serusop to cater to growing appointments and boarding

Si Manja Pet Grooming Spa has added another shop lot at Serusop’s Melabau Complex as it looks to offer 11 “vertical-styled” cat boarding lofts able to house up to 34 felines.

Owner Billy Lim said their additional unit will also enable them to cater to more grooming appointments, which have doubled to 15 pets per day since they opened in March last year.

“We took on an additional unit in June this year to introduce vertical boarding lofts which we believe are the first of their kind in Brunei,” said Lim.

All 11 air-conditioned lofts stand six feet tall, with ten “Superior” units three feet wide and one “Premium” loft that’s four feet wide. Each loft has three tiers, with huts and scratchers while food and litter are separated.

The Superior lofts can hold up to three cats, starting at $20 a night for one cat, with $5 for each additional cat. The Premium lofts can hold up to four cats, starting at $25 for one cat and $5 for each additional cat.

“With one of our staff staying in the store, there’s always someone to monitor the cats 24/7. We also make sure to clean the loft and feed them twice a day,” said Lim, who works as a banker full-time. “The response (to boarding) has been very good, making up 30% of our monthly revenue.”

Si Manja’s team has also expanded to three employees; two who are Bruneians and another from the Philippines who has over a decade of experience as a
professional groomer and veterinary assistant.

Lim is planning to add a fourth member and is weighing the potential of opening a second branch if business continues to grow. He’s also taken on veterinary attachment students from IBTE.

“Currently we have two i-Ready apprentices who I’m training up to be able to transition to full-time employees who can run the second branch,” said Lim. “I see that there’s a trend in Brunei where people are treating their pets with better care, almost like members of their family, which will help drive the pet care industry here further.”

Si Manja offers basic grooming for cats beginning at $15 and $40 for dogs, which covers a bath and blow-dry, eye and ear cleaning, paw pads and nail clipping, brushing and combing and even sanitary area trimming.

Then comes the option for a styling trim, offered as part of a full package, alongside a host of other ala carte services, including teeth brushing, de-shedding, tick removal, conditioning and moisturizing.