imagine unveils unlimited broadband from $169 monthly

imagine hopes to entice existing fixed-line broadband customer base to bundle with their new mobile packages

imagine CEO Suzanna Suharju (L) during a press con to debut their fixed line and mobile packages.

imagine has debuted including unlimited fixed-line broadband packages beginning at $169 monthly at a speed of 20 Mbps along with postpaid 4G+ mobile plans.

The new ‘Dream’ packages look to entice their existing customer base from TelBru – who previously operated as the only fixed-line broadband provider in Brunei – to bundle with mobile packages.

imagine’s management in a press conference yesterday said that the new broadband packages were an improvement from TelBru’s offerings, providing “more value” for money.

TelBru’s cheapest unlimited, unthrottled broadband was $199 for 30Mbps. For the same price, imagine is now offering a connection speed of 50MBps. Also new is a 500GB package, with a 10% discount off the monthly bill for those who sign onto new plans by 29 February this year.

imagine’s postpaid mobile plans begin at $35 a month with 8GB data customisable “Boosters” – selective upgrades to minutes, messages, or data for a price – with contract and non-contract options. Customers who get both fixed-line and mobile plans with imagine will also have unlimited access to WiFi connections found in over 100 locations nationwide – mostly places of public interest.

“We made a conscious decision to focus on what we do best (our fixed line) which is our Dream Broadband plan because the market segment that typically owns Dream Broadband also owns postpaid mobile, we want to target that segment of the market first,” said imagine CEO Suzanna Suharju.

imagine also announced the launch of their e-store where customers could purchase or upgrade their plans, and said that prepaid mobile options would be announced shortly. They also clarified that customers on TelBru plans would not be automatically migrated to imagine’s new packages.

TelBru’s rebranding as imagine comes after the government-owned Darussalam Assets (DA) announced last February that all network infrastructure in Brunei would be consolidated under a single entity called Unified National Networks (UNN). In turn, UNN will sell connectivity to Brunei’s three telcos: DST, Progresif – who have been mobile-focused – and TelBru.

DA – who are the sole shareholder of the three telcos – said the restructuring would level the playing field for each company, making the telco sector more competitive. The move alters the three telcos’ business models by repositioning their focus towards sales and marketing over developing and maintaining telco infrastructure.