DARe’s SCP offers ISO 14001

The latest cycle of DARE's Standard Consultancy Programme now includes the environmental management system ISO 14001 along with five other standards

Syazwana from DARe's Market Access Unit explaining DARe's SCP programme at a recent briefing.

Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) has included the environmental management system (EMS) ISO 14001 as one of the six standards under the upcoming batch of its Standards Consultancy Programme (SCP) for local businesses.

The other standards for SCP’s seventh cycle are ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems), ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety), ISO 22000 (Food Safety Management), Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

Twenty seven Brunei companies have achieved international standards through the SCP since its launch in 2018. The certifications include the quality management system (QMS) ISO 9001, occupational health and safety ISO 45001 as well as food and consumable-focused standards ISO 22000, HACCP and GMP.

Participants of SCP have reported increased productivity, revenue and market access after certification. These include Brunei’s biggest call centre Comquest, diving services leader Poni Group, belutak producer Nikmat Rose, and IT and software house Nuara Group.

DARe has opened up ISO 14001 following increased demand for local companies for a measurable EMS, which sets a standard framework to help organizations improve their environmental performance.

DARe’s SCP helps companies achieve international standards by offering a pathway to certification through tailored consultancy by an appointed external expert. Over nine months, the consultant will assist participants in reviewing their operations to advise which process and systems need to be in place to achieve the applied standards before a certification audit is done by an independent assessor.

The cost of consultancy is sponsored by DARe, while the audit and other costs associated with implementing changes to achieve the applied standard can also be covered for up to $20,000 by DARe by separately applying for their co-matching grant.

Understanding the demand for standards

Arete’s Managing Director Shaji (R) and Senior Manager from B.T Forwarding K.K Yeong sharing the importance of standards at DARe’s SCP briefing.

International standards are often demanded by businesses, regulators, customers and other stakeholders, especially for export, major contracts and other service agreements.

“Adopting international standards can help increase a business’ competitiveness and allow them to enter new markets easily, whether locally or internationally,” said Syazwana Wan Ali from DARe’s Market Access Unit.

“It also benefits the consumers by offering them a wider choice of safe, consistent and reliable products and services.”

In a briefing for DARe’s SCP held yesterday at the Design and Technology building in Anggerek Desa, SCP consultant Arete Solutions said businesses need to understand the purpose of certifications and the difference between sector-specific and general standards.

“What is the purpose for which you are planning for this certification: is it because of customer requirements; or because of a voluntary decision? Is your focus in quality, environment, or health and safety?” said Arete’s Managing Director Shaji Krishnan. 

The ISO 9001 is an example of a general, globally-recognized QMS, while GMP is sector specific by establishing operational requirements for hygiene in food production. 

Meanwhile B.T Forwarding, who have achieved ISO 9001 and are in the final stages of acquiring ISO 45001, said their newly adopted standards have strengthened their corporate governance and culture, having already positioned themselves as one of the leading freight forwarders in the country over the past 20 plus years.

“We have been able to enhance our company’s culture and re-strategize our business operations, such as by implementing more risk-based thinking and having a comprehensive set of KPIs to ensure measurable performance,” said B.T Forwarding Senior Manager K.K Yeong.

“Leveraging the reputation of these international ISO standards helps us to win more customers, through contracts and tenders by improving customer satisfaction and credibility to the company.”

Businesses can apply for the latest SCP cycle through DARe’s website. The deadline for application is August 20, 2021.