Roaring along the coastline: AVH ATV

Guided tours on ATVs along the scenic Tungku beach all the way to Berakas

Enjoy the familiar views of Tungku Beach, and more, in a novel and exciting way: by renting yourself an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and entrusting yourself to the experienced hands of AVH ATV.

A local ATV rental company that used to be exclusively based in Tungku Beach, AVH ATV has several packages that range from an easy ride to catch the setting sun at Tungku Beach or a far more challenging course through the hills and mud of the Katimahar Agro Park.

“I wanted to share the joy that I get from getting to places that are usually inaccessible by car and too far to get to by foot,” said the Manager of AVH ATV, Mohamad Azni DP Hj Alidin (pictured main), who adds that the thrill from zipping around in an ATV is also part of his enjoyment of the activity.

Azni shared that he started renting out ATVs at Tungku Beach in 2014 and were making a good amount of money, especially during the weekends and school holidays when families are looking to have fun in-country instead of going out.

Business was good but eventually his customers, especially his regulars, wanted the freedom to go beyond the boundaries of the public area of the beach.

Standalone rental rates begin at $20 per hour up to $30 depending on the CC on the ATV.

So in 2015, Azni began doing guided tours to a remote area of the beach that’s only accessible either by walking or by 4×4 vehicles which was a great place to picnic and watch the sun set. He also did an intermediate level trail that went from Tungku Beach to the neighbouring Berakas Beach for those looking for a more challenging, yet still easy trail.

He called it his “Adventure Tour” and he did it on the side because the main attraction was still the rentals around the beach.

However it was around 2016 that a rumour about Tungku Beach’s imminent closure started circulating, which spooked vendors and beach goers alike and spurred the shift from the beach rental as a main to the Adventure Tours.

With his fleet of 20 ATVs, ranging from single-seater 150cc ATVs to two-seater 200cc ATVs, he could accommodate a large group of riders at one time.

Generally he charges $25 for a ride towards the aforementioned picnic/sunset place, with a minimum of 5 riders, and $40 for the Berakas ride.

For the harder Katimahar Agro Park Trail, he charges $45, with $5 going towards the Katimahar Village Consultative Council fund.

“Of course the pricing depends on how many riders there are for each tour,” said Azni who also added that all of the tours are accompanied by two experienced riders to make sure that riders are not doing anything dangerous during the rides as well as providing technical support in case of breakdowns.

Thankfully the adventure tours have patched up some of the holes made by the decline in rentals and along the way, Azni realised that it was a service that, while a luxury, helps locals and returning tourists see Brunei in a different way.

“We have so much nature and greenery that is inaccessible by car or too far or tiring to explore by foot; it’s perfect for ATVs,” said Azni who added that even if the sights are something that you have seen before, you’ve probably never seen while riding an ATV.

“The challenge now is that once people have a taste of riding an ATV in one track, they always go ‘That was fun. Are there other tracks?’ So, we are looking for more places where we can set up a tour,” said Azni, who is currently looking for more tracks to feature and is currently in talks with a few places that might make a good ATV trail.

“If any MPKs or places around the Brunei Muara Area are interested in collaborating with us, they can reach out to us and we can work something out,” he said with a smile.

So, whether you are looking to experience parts of Brunei in a whole different way, or you know of a place that would make a great ATV trail, you can contact AVH ATV Brunei at +6738730998.

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