The UTB students hoping to bring mixology into the mainstream: MixBros

Ammirul and Dzulhakim spend their days studying computing on campus, but they’re more known for serving thousands of unique mocktails under MixBros

They’re two computing students with an unusual pursuit outside their campus – mixing and stirring up a bevvy of colourful mocktails which they’ve sold thousands of since popping up at festivals and fairs around the Sultanate almost two years ago.

24-year-old Ammirul Hakeem Rahimeey (pictured main) and 26-year-old Dzulhakim Ilham (pictured below) are third and final year undergraduates at the Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) and first met while on the student council before deciding to embark on their first business together: MixBros.

“We started out with my cousin when he was selling hot dogs and his own drinks at the Borneo Kustom Show a few years back,” said Ammirul.

MixBros has participated in more than 20 pop-up events and are increasingly taking on catering for private functions.

“That’s where the idea came of developing our own drinks came from, and although the idea is quite simple, no one else was really doing it at events, aside from serving traditional flavours.”

MixBros, as their namesake implies, focus on Mixology, a craft dedicated to concocting cocktails that complement the theme, setting or style of an establishment or event.

At small, day-long pop up events, MixBros can comfortably clear $500 in sales.

“We focus on developing our own syrups, flavour profiles and mixing ratios using different fruits, sodas and other ingredients,” said Ammirul. “For most pop up events, we’ll stick to more popular mocktails like mojitos, but we also carry local drinks with a twist like wheatgrass bandung.”

MixBros prices $3 for a large, 650ml cup – but can customize their menu and serving sizes of privately catered events.

The duo are now looking for a more permanent space where they can set up a kiosk to serve their drinks outside events, and have developed a clothing line around their brand and quirky logo – a mixer with a moustache.

“We want this to be more than just something we do as a side gig while in uni,” said Ammirul. “Once we’ve graduated we’re hoping that we can make this into a full-time pursuit.”

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