Muslim convert chooses cotton candy machine over monthly welfare to support her family

As heated, liquefied sugar is spun out of the revolving centre of a basin-like machine and cools as it meets the air, Nurul Syazwani...

Bercuts aims to turn barbering into a full-time profession for locals

Towards the end of 2018, there was a small buzz amongst the local men's barbering community. A young Bruneian barber posted an advertisement that...

‘Bringing back our mother’s passion’

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These UNISSA graduates turned their popiah project into a full-time business

When 23-year-old Normajidah Rapidi set up shop at the MSME Festival this weekend with her friend Siti Nur Liyana Hj Adanan - she didn't...

Aisy Berjaya to debut food pouches at MSME Festival

After losing her job in 2016, Yati revived her home business by selling bottled drinks. Now she's looking to branch out with a range of frozen food pouches.

How this chicken farmer saved his poultry business by turning to ducks and turkey

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How two brothers breathed new life into Restoran Siti Rabiah

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How this retired Lieutenant Colonel led the revival of Wasan, Brunei’s biggest rice farm

With Wasan abandoned and rice planting fading away in Brunei-Muara, Hj Sahlan marshaled 200 ex-military members to revive Wasan in 2006.

The riverside restaurant that saved Pg Abu Bakar

A bustling businessman in the 1990s, Pg Hj Abu Bakar was left nearly broke after a series of bad business deals. With just $600, he opened Soto Pabo from home.

Quiet persistence: Meet the man behind Mr Baker’s, Brunei’s biggest healthy bakery

After two years of heavy losses and nearly going out of business, this is how Eric Pui found Mr Baker's breakthrough with a small hospital kiosk.